June 8, 2009 | last updated March 24, 2012 1:45 pm

MetroWest Economy Gets Creative

This new logo was created by Commonwealth Creative Associates to promote the creative economy.

The MetroWest Chamber of Commerce is spearheading an effort to help drive development through the so-called "creative economy."

The chamber recently unveiled the catch phrase "MetroWest Creates Here" to highlight the region's more artistic economic pursuits.

"We wanted to broaden the reach of the creative economy effort and we thought that MetroWest has a good footprint of those activities," said Ted Welte, president and CEO of MetroWest Chamber of Commerce.

Statewide Efforts

The effort to promote the creative economy is not a new concept in the Bay State.

Last fall, the state legislature passed a statute establishing a Creative Economy Council, which will analyze how creative institutions, activities and businesses contribute to the state's economy.

The council must also develop a statewide strategy as well as public policies that encourage and promote the creative economy.

In June 2008, Gov. Deval Patrick also appointed Jason Schupbach to fill the newly created position of creative economy industry director for the state's Department of Business Development. Schupbach said the creation of his position shows the administration's support for the creative for-profit sector, which is the focus of his work.

Over the last three months the creative economy group at the MetroWest Chamber has amped up its activity level, developing and fine tuning a logo that could work for a variety of creative endeavors.

"We started digging down and peeling all of the layers off to determine what made up the creative economy here," said Steve Close, vice president and creative director of Commonwealth Creative Associates of Framingham. Close worked with the chamber at no cost to help develop the logo.

"We took an inventory of what was available in MetroWest and tried to focus on what made the most sense from a visitor's point of view," he said. The logo design features arts related icons such as musical notes, a pen, a paintbrush and an architectural column.

Close also designed the logo so that different icons can be used when wanted, like a focus on performing arts, which could use a ballet shoe, a musical instrument or other objects.

The logo could also be customized to promote sports by changing the wording slightly to "MetroWest Plays Here," he said.


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