October 24, 2011 | last updated May 16, 2012 4:33 pm

10 Things I Know About Email Marketing

Deborah C. Scaringi is a marketing consultant and business development specialist. You can contact her at deb@scaringimarketing.com.

10. Build Loyalty

Email marketing enhances relationships with current, former and potential customers. By providing helpful and quality content regularly, you build loyalty.

9. Brand Consistently

Build an email template branded with your logo and use it every time you send a communication.

8. 'Call to Action' Goes Above the Fold

You only get a few seconds of a recipient's attention, so communicate your most important message prominently.

7. Back Up Your Hype

Email marketing alone will not build a loyal following. A campaign should support excellent client service and a great product.

6. Include Hyperlinks

Provide a hyperlink to your website so someone can immediately click to learn more. Provide a specific link to track clickthroughs easy, then measure the conversions with Google Analytics.

5. Keep It Simple

Don't try to pack too much into one email. Keep your call-to-action message direct and your brand clear.

4. Avoid Spam Filters

Use a service that keeps your emails out of spam filters. If you aren't using a service designed for email marketing, send emails in groups of 10 or less and use the BCC field for privacy purposes.

3. Precise Subject Lines

Capture your audience with a super subject line. Don't be cute, be precise. If recipients can't quickly figure out what you want them to do, they'll delete your message without reading it.

2. Be Relevant

Only send emails that fill the recipients' needs. Don't clutter their inboxes with irrelevant information that sends them searching for the delete button.

1. Have Fun, Stay Professional

Email marketing can't be boring. Be careful with humor, but be adventurous and whimsical.


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