July 8, 2013

10 Things I Know About ... Superior Customer Service


10. Communicate.

Feedback, even a complaint, is good because it lets you know where you need to improve. Listen closely to both customers and employees. If your employees are unhappy, your customers will likely follow suit.

9. Make It Right.

Things happen. If you screw up, correct it no matter what it costs. Customers learn more about you in adversity than when the sailing is smooth.

8. One Size Does Not Fit All.

It's important to listen and evaluate based on individual needs. A standard approach is easily identified and not well received.

7. Staffers Build A Business.

Reinvest in your business to ensure growth is sustainable. Don't make people wait on hold or in line. If your business is growing, your staff should be too.

6. Go The Extra Mile.

Bring in the trash barrel. Call their dog by name. Exceed expectations. Customers notice, and when they do, we reward the employee with a "WOW" award that comes with a bonus and recognition in the company newsletter.

5. Be Honest And Personable.

Don't make promises you can't keep and apologize when necessary. People value transparency.

4. Answer Calls With A Smile

Have a real live person answer the phone. Make sure callers know you're glad they called.

3. Look Professional.

Vehicles should be clean and well maintained. Servicepeople should be well groomed and preferably in uniform. Impressions and perceptions matter.

2. Be On Time.

No one likes to wait. If you're running late, call. Good manners are always in style.

1. Guarantee Results.

Do the job right the first time. Don't make excuses. Good reviews are priceless in the service industry.

Jerry Lazarus is the owner of Braman Termite and Pest Elimination, with offices in Worcester. Contact him at info@BramanPest.com

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