February 17, 2014

10 Things I Know About ... Professional Relocation


10. Know your options. Discuss the benefits your company is offering and make sure you understand them before you proceed.

9. People will be there to help. Be prepared to hear from a relocation company that will help coordinate your benefits; at least two local listing agents who will prepare a market analysis if you're selling, and an agent to find your new home.

8. Weigh renting or buying. Verify coverage of rentals; many agents charge fees for rental services, which are not always a covered expense. Short-term rentals can be expensive and hard to find.

7. Relocation expertise helps … If you work with a relocation company, take advantage of the company's referrals to local agents, since they're trained to guide you through the relocation process.

6. … as does a marketing plan. Choose a company and agent with wide Internet exposure, and tools or products that will make your home stand out. A home that has been prepared before going on the market will show better, capture potential buyers' attention, and sell quicker and for more money.

5. See your home through the buyer's eyes. The style and quirks you love about your home may be the thing the buyer wants to change. Remove clutter and de-personalize as much as possible.

4. Avoid sticker shock. Research your new location and see the market for what it is; don't compare the cost of what you have with what's available in the new location.

3. Pack up more than the house. Arrange to transfer medical records (for family members and pets). For families with schoolchildren, make sure you have supplied all required documents at your destination.

2. List all the 'must haves' for your new place. Brainstorming with your spouse and children can be fun. Make a list to help your agent find great matches.

1. Communicate Since today's technology provides many ways to stay in touch, choose what mode works for you and request that from the people you choose to work with.

Joanne Givans is a relocation specialist at ERA Key Realty Services of Whitinsville. Contact her at jogivans@erakey.com.

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