October 27, 2014

10 Things I Know About... How to ask for business

Deborah C. Scaringi

10. It's not all about making the sale.
Asking for business needs to come from the desire to be the best solution. For repeat sales, your solution needs to be the most helpful, reliable and cost-effective resource.

9. Know your goal.
Goals need to be clear and specific before you can ask for anything.

8. Make your 'quick pitch' easy to understand
You only get a few seconds of any recipient's attention, so communicate your most important message clearly, using simple language.

7. You need conversation starters.
Ask leading questions that help your clients understand their needs more clearly. Be willing to brainstorm solutions on your dime.

6. It's all about relationships.
Everything you do should be geared toward furthering your relationships in a sincere way. You can't be in it for only yourself, but for the long-term give and take that builds success.

5. Set yourself up for success.
Uncover your obstacles early and walk away from work that isn't a good fit for you or the client. You can't be everything to everyone, but you certainly can be a go-to resource.

4. Be specific.
Know what you want to ask for and be direct. If you speak in vague terms, you won't get what you desire.

3. Understand your wins and losses.
Look back at the business you have brought in and study it. Perhaps more importantly, understand why you lost business to competitors and figure out ways to overcome those obstacles in the future.

2. Be yourself.
Be likeable, sincere and honest.

1. Keep customer service at your core.
Always treat people well and build loyalty by keeping their best interests at heart.

Deborah C. Scaringi is a consultant who works with law firms and businesses of all sizes developing strategic programs for marketing communications and business development. Contact her at deb@scaringimarketing.com.


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