August 31, 2015

Jessica Walsh

Owner, Worcester Wares, Worcester

Birthplace: Milford
Residence: Worcester
High school: Bellingham Memorial Junior-Senior High School
College and degree earned: Bachelor's degree, Northeastern University

Career highlights: Nervously leaving my 9-to-5 job to pursue a more artistic business venture. Expanding the product line and design of Worcester Wares while working with talented Worcester artists. Worcester Wares being chosen to open a storefront spot at the DCU Center.

Community involvement: Joined the board of Worcester Local First and continue to work with Worcester small businesses on their social media and marketing presence so they may continue to thrive.

Ultimate career goal: To further promote Worcester in a positive light in as many ways as possible.

Non-relative you admire most: Photographer Diane Arbus

Favorite book: "To Kill A Mockingbird," by Harper Lee

Hidden talents: Tough question! Tying complicated knots, memorizing entire movies after only one viewing (although I never remember song lyrics), roller skating and predicting when it's going to rain — even if the weatherman said it wouldn't — by the way the wind blows through the trees.

"By the time I turn 50, I'd like to have accomplished … figuring out the perfect work-life balance."


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