February 1, 2016
10 Things I Know About...

10 Things I Know About...Visual communications

10. They influence.

More than one-third of buyers associate sign quality with quality. The wide spectrum of visual messaging influences perception in countless ways.

9. They guide buying decisions.

Disorganization and difficulty finding items will drive consumers to leave a store without making a purchase. The absence of visuals regarding products, price, services or location repels customers.

8. They are powerful tools.

Buyers will purchase a full-priced item with strong visual communications (i.e. good signs) over a nearby discount-priced item with no signage. Signs with product information in addition to selling price increase sales of that item.

7. Signs cover a vast scope.

Visuals cover a range of ways to present to clients, customers and employees, from parking and building signs, vehicle graphics, directory, wayfinding and regulatory signs. Information can enhance or detract customer experience.

6. They provide direction.

Navigate through an office complex. Quickly find a product or sale item. Locate a department, emergency exit or parking area. Strong directional signs enhance the experience, while the absence of directional signs leads to frustration.

5. Digital is dynamic.

Digital has the power to educate, inform and entertain quickly. Digital programming can highlight anything from dinner specials to area attractions. Touchscreen displays kick it up a notch.

4. Design is key.

Maximize readability with high contrast color combinations, easy to read font styles, and pictures or recognizable symbols to supplement words.

3. They effectively motivate.

Signs are effective for reinforcing behaviors with employees. In a research study, employees at a healthcare facility were encouraged to use the stairs only through the placement of signs. This led to a substantial increase in stair usage.

2. Signs are regulated.

Every city and town publishes individual regulations regarding both static and digital signs.

1. "Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign"

The Five Man Electrical Band said it all with this song in 1971.

Denise Carr is the owner of FASTSIGNS in Worcester.

Reach her at Denise.Carr@fastsigns.com


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