May 27, 2016

Worcester No. 1 in Massachusetts for purchasing power

Destination Worcester via Flickr
Worcester County has been ranked as the best place in Massachusetts to stretch a dollar.

A new study examining the cost of living versus an area's median income has found Worcester County residents have the greatest purchasing power in all of Massachusetts.

The new study from SmartAsset examined where people in the Bay State can get the most for their money. Turns out Worcester is first, with a purchasing power index of 78.19. The index was derived from Worcester's second-lowest cost of living in the state, at $40,296, and the median income at $65,453. Coming in second and third were Norfolk and Nantucket counties.

Middlesex County came in on the list in fourth with a purchasing power index of 77.08 derived from a cost of living of $52,135 and a median income of $83,529.

The numbers for Massachusetts reflect where a dollar will go the farthest, according to SmartAsset.


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