July 11, 2017

Mass. improves on manufacturing indicators

While the health of the manufacturing industry in Massachusetts improved between 2016 and 2017, it was still average compared to other states.

Despite an average overall score, manufacturing in Massachusetts improved in several categories between 2016 and 2017, according to new data from Ball State University and Indiana's advanced manufacturing initiative.

In the study, released as the 2017 Manufacturing and Logistics Report Card, researchers gave each state a grade on its manufacturing performance by analyzing parts of the economy leading to success in manufacturing and logistics.

The industry's overall health in Massachusetts received a C, the same grade it got last year. And although the state improved on several measures, including human capital, benefits costs, productivity and innovation, and diversification, it got a total of four C grades, two Bs, two Ds and just one A in the rankings.

The report also found that U.S. manufacturing production grew by 11 percent since the dotcom bust.

Here are the categories each state was graded on, and the grade Massachusetts received:

  • Manufacturing industry health, C
  • Logistics industry health, D
  • Human capital, B
  • Worker benefit costs, C
  • Tax climate, D
  • Expected fiscal liability gap, C
  • Global reach, B
  • Sector diversification, C-
  • Productivity and innovation, A

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