October 2, 2017
10 Things

10 things I know about ... backup solutions and disaster recovery

Kierman is the marketing and sales coordinator at Worcester IT services firm AVATAR Computing. Reach him at mkierman@avatar-computing.com.

10) The most common disasters include viruses leading to untimely and costly downtime.

The same is true whenever a security breach occurs, and client information becomes the target.

9) Employee training and workplace policy are appropriate preventative measures to implement.

Best practice includes preemptively gathering supplies and resources to utilize upon the bad news.

8) Schedule maintenance regularly to keep your servers and computers running as good as new.

The unwanted files, and sometimes junk, can slow you down and make you more susceptible.

7) Implementation of an antivirus to prevent malicious software should be a high priority.

It is worth the fixed costs to know something is working to protect you 24/7.

6) A thorough business continuity plan will have been well worth the planning if disaster ever strikes.

It is basically a plan to reduce and avoid risk during a disaster, focusing on remaining in good financial standing.

5) Being proactive, instead of reactive, leads to finding problems before they happen.

Monitor the end users of your product or service and make sure they are not sending sensitive, dangerous or critical information.

4) Know your statistics.

More than 90 percent of small business fail within two years of being struck by disaster.

3) Backup and encrypt everything.

The more sensitive and valuable the data, the more critical this becomes.

2) Budget for your backup plan.

Do your homework and find the best pricing to help your company scale.

1) Test your backup disaster recovery plan.

Then test it again. Most studies show it is best to test at least twice a year, but once a quarter may be more appropriate.


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