March 5, 2018
10 Things

10 Things I Know About … Using tech to advance your business

Michael Kierman is the marketing and sales coordinator for Worcester IT firm Avatar Computing. Reach him at

10) Wearables. The benefits of being hands-free can be industry specific – but voice control is the key. Especially in positions that require you to be hands-on, while relaying information on the fly.

9) Time-tracking software. Create accountability with your staff. But the limitations don't stop at time tracking – they offer quoting, estimating and billing tools allowing you to charge for exactly what work has been done.

8) Remote monitoring. Investing in remote monitoring can be intimidating, but that's just it – it's an investment. The ability to limit downtime, enhance security and improve productivity is well worth it.

7) Virtual & augmented reality. VR and AR is definitely cutting edge technology. Marketing, prototyping and design are the most popular business applications, but it is transitioning into sales and finance.

6) Advanced analytics. Most companies track who is visiting their website. Now, more critical information is captured – campaign ROI, relevant products and user experience.

5) E-mail management. For those of you receiving tons of e-mails and in-bound leads daily. Parse content, work with third-party software, and automate reminders.

4) Invoicing & budgeting. Saving time is just the beginning – they eliminate paperwork while offering strong branding opportunities.

3) Password management apps. The key here is to create a master password, so accessing your accounts will be just as easy – just safer.

2) Collaboration tools. This allows the ability to access information, whether it be allowing employees to work from home or training staff out of state.

1) Marketing. Software helps to create marketing plans, apps manage all of your social accounts, and e-mail marketing/blog companies bring all of that content together.


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