April 16, 2018
10 Things

10 Things I Know About. . . Time management

Jody Staruk is project executive for Milford-based Consigli Construction.

10) Have a system. Whether it's tracking emails, to-do lists, project management software or notes on the back of a napkin, you need a consistent, easy-to-follow method helping you identify your tasks until they are complete.

9) Start the workflow. Set other people in motion first so they can keep the progress of a task moving forward while you tackle bigger or more complicated items.

8) Do your work, not others. If you're a manager, make sure you are helping your employees figure out how to do their work instead of doing it for them. While it seems quicker to just do it, you're slowing yourself down.

7) Delegation is key. There are only so many minutes in a day. Identify the tasks others on your team can handle, especially if it is something to assist in their development.

6) Hold others accountable. If you need others' input/information to complete your tasks, it is just as important to hold them to their time frames as it is to meet your commitment. Follow up to ensure they are on track.

5) Prioritize. One of the hardest parts of time management is figuring out which items are critical and which are not. You cannot be successful at time management without this.

4) Need vs. want. We all know it is much easier to do the tasks you want to do. Once you've prioritized, focus on the items you need to do.

3) Don't procrastinate. Enough said.

2) Make time for you. You need to manage your time well enough so there is room for you. Whether it's eating lunch or going for a 10-minute walk, prioritize you.

1) Set a hard stop. If you go in to your day thinking you're going to be at work until 7 p.m., you will be. Tell yourself you are leaving by 5 p.m. and then do it. It will improve your focus, and you'll get just as much done in eight hours as you would have in 10.


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