July 18, 2018

Micron Products lands patent for non-lethal projectile system

Photo | City of Fitchburg
Micron Solutions' facility in Fitchburg

Micron Products, the Fitchburg manufacturer of non-lethal projectiles and other precision machining-required components, has been awarded a patent to improve the pressure system in shell casings.

The patented invention is designed to improve the high-low pressure system in 40 millimeter M212 casings used by military and law enforcement.

Security Devices International, the beneficiary of a multi-year exclusive supply agreement with Micron, will share the patent rights.

The demand for the projectiles increases as military and law enforcement personnel are increasingly confronted with crowd control situations.

Micron Products President Salvatore Emma said the system improves the accuracy and velocity of the projectiles.

"SDI was the first company in the industry to adopt the improved system and the results are impressive," Emma said.


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