August 30, 2018

Good Chemistry lands first Worcester permit for adult-use cannabis sales

Photo | Zachary Comeau
Good Chemistry on Harrison Street has been open since Aug. 2 for medical sales.

Good Chemistry on Wednesday became the first recreational marijuana company to be approved for a special permit from the Worcester Planning Board.

The Colorado-based company has been open for medical marijuana patients since Aug. 2 and is seeking the ability to open for adult-use, but won't offer those sales until later this year or early next year.

At the meeting, the company outlined a detailed security plan including cameras, a security guard on hand at all hours and crowd control measures.

When the location opens for recreational cannabis, the store will only allow a line of up to three at each point-of-sale terminal in the store. Other customers will be kept in the vestibule behind a locked door.

That may cause some long lines along Harrison Street once the store opens for adult use cannabis, but that should die down shortly after the store opens and other retailers open in the city or in nearby towns.

Stephen Rolle, the city's planning director, said the company's next steps are to secure necessary licenses from both the city's License Commission and the state's Cannabis Control Commission.

As of last week, Good Chemistry is the city's only retail license application currently before the CCC.

However, about two dozen other stores are seeking the city's approval to open adult-use stores in Worcester, but the city will only hand out 15 licenses.


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