January 21, 2019
10 Things

10 Things I Know About ... Retaining staff in the service industry

Erica Grinkis, owner of The GazBar Sports Grill and Central Cup in Leominster

10. Sell a good product. Make sure the product your employee is trying to sell is reputable, this makes her/his job easy.

9. Compensate well. Go a little above the industry standard to show you start the bar high. Increase pay every 6 months to a year if the employee deserves it.

8. Offer employee perks. Half-off meals, discounted drinks & allow them to buy uniforms at cost, just to name a few.

7. Be accommodating. Work around employees requested schedule as much as possible. Put out the schedule a month early to give them time to plan their lives.

6. Grant authority. Give employees the chance to work all jobs, not just their own. Promote people within. Give everyone a chance to make decisions.

5. Team bonding. Plan events where the business can close down and staff can socialize. Give everyone a chance to bond with people they don't usually bond with.

4. Communicate often. A weekly message from managements keeping employees up to date goes a long way. Don't use it for only negative feedback but for positive words! The thread is also good for any service updates.

3. Open door policy. Be easy to reach at all times and assure employees no problem is too big or too small.

2. Work with employees. As an owner or manager stay on the schedule and lead by example. If someone needs help running food, making a drink, washing dishes, etc. don't be afraid to get your hands dirty. Most people open their own business because they have done the job before. Make sure your staff sees how you can demonstrate this. This gives them sense you always have their back.

1. Understand. Things happen, and sometimes there is no way around them. Be understanding. Everyone is human, and sometimes people make mistakes. Make a bad experience into a learning experience. Sometimes things get uncomfortable, but be a mentor and guide the way. You will not grow living in the comfort zone. Treat everyone like your family, because after all ... that's what they will become if you do this right!

Erica Grinkis is the owner of the GazBar Sports Grill and Central Cup, both in Leominster. Reach her at thegazbar@gmail.com.


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