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Valley Green Grow appeals another Charlton Planning Board decision

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Valley Green Grow wants to develop the land at Charlton Orchards into a massive cannabis cultivation complex.

With all relevant matters before the state's legal system in a yearlong bid to build a 1-million-square-foot cannabis cultivation facility in Charlton, Valley Green Grow hopes to begin building next spring if court rulings are favorable.

The most recent matter before a court is the company's subdivision plan on the site of Charlton Orchards, which was filed to freeze the zoning to prevent opponents from changing the zoning bylaws and ultimately block the project.

In the complaint filed Monday with the state Land Court, the company said the town's Planning Board "ignored the testimony and conclusions of VGG's engineers and consultants, ignored its own peer review consultants and legal counsel, and grounded its determinations in no evidence found in the record."

The board's decision to deny the subdivision plan, the company said, was "motivated by bad faith and personal animus" against the project.

This lawsuit is now the third in the case that has dragged on for about a year.

Last month, a Land Court judge struck down a Charlton bylaw prohibiting the recreational marijuana industry.

The company is also appealing the Planning Board's denial of its site plan.

The company has a purchase agreement with the owner of Charlton Orchards, but residents in the area say the project is much too large for the small neighborhood.

Valley Green Grow attorney Michael Rosen said the company is confident that it's on sound legal ground.

"We've been at this for a year and we think that all of the relevant issues are now before a court of law and we feel strongly that we're going to prevail in court," he said when asked if any further legal disputes will result in the company abandoning the project. "At this point, I think we feel comfortable that … it's worth the wait."

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04/03/19 AT 11:53 AM
The purpose of subdivision regulations in Charlton is "protecting the safety, convenience and welfare of the inhabitants of the Town of Charlton." Charlton citizens attended the VGG hearings and watched as our "peer review" consultants missed major safety flaws (ex. no 25' leveling area at the proposed new intersection, inadequate proposed road widths ) in the plans. Citizens brought up dozens of subdivision bylaw violations missed by the peer review team: potential for massive erosion, flooding of down hill adjacent properties, misshapen lots, violation of safety bylaws concerning road design and visibility, etc. Not once did the town's conservation agent show up to a hearing to address repeated concerns about the ridiculous 2,000 gal sub surface stormwater detention system (the plans show a driveway running atop). Not once did any of the three BOS members who approve the VGG host agreement attend any of the hearings and attempt to understand what they had authorized in their own community within 90 feet of 57 residential homes. When the Planning Board pointed out the applicant listed on the subdivision application is not a legal entity, the VGG lawyer just yelled out who it should say - never amending the subdivision application. Yeah subdivisions are approved for zone freezes -- but not when they threaten the the safety, convenience and welfare of the inhabitants.
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