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August 3, 2015 10 THINGS

10 things I know about VoIP for Business

10. It's cost effective.

Since most VoIP providers don't need to maintain the lines over which they deliver service, they keep their prices low, saving you money.

9. Changes are easy.

Making changes to your phone system used to be complex. With most PBX systems, they're a simple web page login, where you make changes and press “submit.”

8. Lots of features

Caller ID? Conference calls? Voice mail to email? They're all included with most VoIP PBX providers. What had been separate charges are now standard options.

7. Its dynamic.

Most on-premise systems rarely change unless they're under contract or maintenance agreement. With VoIP PBX, they're maintained constantly, with added features, security patches and integration all included.

6. Unified messaging

With such tools as Outlook, Gmail and Skype for Business, most providers will allow you to connect your contacts to your PBX, giving you more marketing control.

5. You can take it with you.

Cell phones can now be a part of most systems if you have their extensions.

4. It uses existing infrastructure.

Most VoIP providers use your network. With business-grade switches and firewalls, you can reduce your costs by not having to run another set of wires.

3. It's scalable.

Need more phones? No problem! One, 10, 50 or 1,000 handset systems are now commonplace without having to purchase secondary hardware.

2. It's location-independent.

Moving? No problem! Just unpack your phone, plug it in and you have phone service instantly at your new location.

1. It's power-independent.

Just because your location loses power doesn't mean your system is dead. Most PBX providers have multiple data centers worldwide, so being out of power doesn't mean you're out of business. With cell phone routing, you're always available for a call, even in the dark.

Trave Harmon is CEO of Triton Technologies, a managed IT services firm in Worcester. Contact him at

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