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May 12, 2022

Framingham cannabis retailer looks to offer lower-cost buds

Photo | Courtesy of Union Twist The front of the Union Twist cannabis dispensary in Framingham

Union Twist, a new licensed cannabis retailer in Framingham, opened its doors to the public on Monday, embarking on a plan to offer products at lower rates than competitors to draw customers in. 

The dispensary, located at 630 Worcester St., has roots back in 2019 when the property was originally purchased for $3 million by Gregory Thomaier with the intention of turning it into a dispensary. The location became licensed in November 2021, according to data from the Cannabis Control Commission. 

Julia Wentworth, who serves as general manager at Union Twist, said the location was betting on a strategy of offering lower prices than competitors, in exchange for reduced margins, to succeed in an economy where inflation has most product prices increasing. 

“This particular business model has never been done, and that is affordable cannabis,” said Wentworth. “We’re really taking the accessibility of cannabis back into the consumers hands instead of driving them back to the black market or to Maine, where they’re getting better deals.”

The dispensary plans to offer an eighth of an ounce for around $25, Wentworth said, compared to the usual pricing of $60 an eighth at legal dispensaries. It also plans to offer 0.5g pre-rolled joints starting at $3.33, while prices tend to be around $8 at other locations. 

Wentworth, who has previously held positions at four other dispensaries, said the Union Twist’s relationships with grow facilities allowed it to buy products at higher volume, enabling the lower prices at the dispensary. 

“A business analytical person is going to look at that and say, well, that’s less than 50% markup in some cases,” said Wentworth. “It might be, but that’s where our relationships with some of these grow facilities will come in handy.

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