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August 7, 2012

Patrick Signs Workers 'Right To Know' Bill

Gov. Deval Patrick signed a bill that requires temporary staffing agencies to disclose to their workers basic details about the jobs in which they're placed, including wages, hours, working conditions and coverage for benefits such as workers' compensation should they get hurt.

"Thousands of Massachusetts workers are sent off to work by staffing agencies without any idea of where they are going, what work they will do, and what they will be paid," said Patrick, who signed the bill Monday. "This bill levels the playing field for all of our businesses while fulfilling our responsibility to make sure all of our workers are being treated fairly."

The bill prohibits agencies from charging certain fees, like the cost of registering with the staffing agency or for performing a criminal record check. Staffing agencies are also prohibited from charging any fee that would reduce a worker's pay below minimum wage ($8 per hour), and are required to reimburse workers if it sends them to worksites for the purposes of working when no work is available.

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