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July 29, 2009

Paul A. Belsito, Assumption College


Worcester native Paul Belsito returned to his alma mater, Assumption College, to serve as the president's executive assistant for government and community relations. After graduating from Assumption in 2000, Belsito worked for several financial institutions, but has always had a strong interest in politics, helping as an organizer for a variety of local campaigns. Here, he discusses how his new job builds upon his political past. 

Vital Stats
Title: Executive Assistant to the President for Government and Community Relations
Residence: Shrewsbury, MA
Family: Married, wife, Christie Belsito
Education: Assumption College, 2000
Previous job: Political Consultant
Start date at new job: June 29, 2009

Q. How are you settling in at your new office?
As an Assumption College graduate, my transition has been very easy. The college community is very welcoming and everyone has helped to make my first few weeks busy and productive.

Q. What's the biggest surprise you've had in starting the job?
No real surprises - yet. However, as I get up to speed, I continue to be impressed by all of the great things the college and our students do for the community.

Q. What challenges do you see in your new position?
I have a lot to learn. Assumption students, faculty, staff and programs are involved in the Worcester community and beyond in many different areas. Right now, it's very important for me is to assemble the ‘big picture' of our engagement beyond campus and identify issues that affect the college. Once I more fully understand all that we're involved in, I look forward to identifying new opportunities that support our mission.

Q. How different is this job from your previous position?
I don't see this job as very different from my previous work. For me, this position is a continuation of the work I've been doing for more than a decade. I've been fortunate to work in government, on many successful political campaigns, and in the Worcester community for years. My new role at Assumption allows me to continue to work with folks I admire and respect for their commitment to Worcester and the Central Mass communities, and to the well-being of the state.

Q. How close is this to what you imagined in high school you'd end up doing?
It's very close. Ten years ago, I imagined that I would be working in government. This position allows me to take what I have learned and apply it in my interactions with community, civic and political entities as I represent Assumption.

Q. Where's the best place to get lunch near your new location?
The Boynton.

Q. What do you hope to be doing 10 years from now?
Working for Assumption College!

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