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Power 50 for 2023

A collage of nine of the WBJ Power 50 for 2023
Collage | Brad Kane The Power 50 for 2023 included (top row, from left) Parth Chakrabarti, Shruti Miyashiro, Joshua Croke; (middle row, from left) Tuyet Tran, William Kelleher, IV, James Umphrey, Meredith Harris; (bottom row, from left) Patrick Dwyer, Grace Elton, Girish Navani

Business professionals from organizations of all types and sizes hold some amount of power, but how you shape the economy and community is when you are truly influential. You could sit atop the largest employer in the region with billions of dollars in revenue, like Dr. Eric Dickson at UMass Memorial Health, and play a significant role inside and outside of your industry. Or you could be a single person on a mission, like Ivette Olmeda as the Transformative Development Initiative fellow for Worcester’s Pleasant Street, and have an outsized influence in improving an economically depressed neighborhood.

The Power 50 is our annual list of the most influential professionals in the Central Massachusetts business community, where we in the WBJ newsroom tell the story of how power is shared and used in the region, as told through the people wielding it most effectively. In this comprehensive list, we strive to inform you where power truly lies in the region’s economy while still providing new names and stories year after year.

WBJ Web Partners

Banking & Finance

  • Carla McCall
    Carla McCall
    Managing partner of AAFCPAs
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  • Edward Manzi, Jr.
    Edward Manzi, Jr.
    Chairman & CEO of Fidelity Bank
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  • John "Jack" Roche
    John "Jack" Roche
    President and CEO of The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc
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  • Larissa Thurston
    Larissa Thurston
    President & CEO of St. Mary’s Credit Union
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  • Shruti Miyashiro
    Shruti Miyashiro
    President & CEO of DCU – Digital Federal Credit Union
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Real Estate

  • William Kelleher, IV & James Umphrey
    William Kelleher, IV & James Umphrey
    Principals of Kelleher & Sadowsky Associates, Inc., in Worcester
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  • Jennie Lee Colosi
    Jennie Lee Colosi
    President of E.T. & L. Corp.
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  • Steven Gentilucci
    Steven Gentilucci
    General manager of Consigli Construction Co., Inc.
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  • Chip Norton
    Chip Norton
    Managing director of Franklin Realty Advisors LLC
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  • Jeffrey Cunningham
    Jeffrey Cunningham
    Executive director of Cunningham Equities
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  • Karen LaFond
    Karen LaFond
    Shareholder & attorney, Fletcher Tilton PC
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  • Natalie Friel
    Natalie Friel
    Vice president, site head, and general manager at Resilience US, Inc.
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  • Patrick Dwyer
    Patrick Dwyer
    Vice president of Abrasives North America for Saint-Gobain
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  • Ralph Crowley Jr
    Ralph Crowley Jr
    President & CEO of Polar Beverages
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  • Rita Kapur
    Rita Kapur
    Chief financial officer of Atech Turbine Components, Inc.
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  • Udit Batra
    Udit Batra
    President & CEO of Waters Corp.
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  • Joshua Croke
    Joshua Croke
    Founder of Action! by Design
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  • Fred Taylor
    Fred Taylor
    Business representative of the North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters
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  • Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham
    Valerie Zolezzi-Wyndham
    Founder & CEO of Promoting Good
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  • Julie Bowditch
    Julie Bowditch
    Executive director of CASA Project Worcester County
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  • Timothy Murray
    Timothy Murray
    President & CEO of Worcester Regional Chamber of Commerce
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  • Shannon George
    Shannon George
    Secretary treasurer/principal executive officer of Teamsters Union Local 170
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Health Care

  • Dr. Eric Dickson
    Dr. Eric Dickson
    President & CEO of UMass Memorial Health
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  • Dr. Lynda Young
    Dr. Lynda Young
    Chair of board of trustees for UMass Memorial Health
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  • Dr. Matilde Castiel
    Dr. Matilde Castiel
    Commissioner of health and human services for the City of Worcester
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  • Parth Chakrabarti
    Parth Chakrabarti
    Executive vice chancellor for innovation and business development at UMass Chan Medical School
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  • Stephen Kerrigan
    Stephen Kerrigan
    President and CEO of Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center
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  • Vincent Strully, Jr.
    Vincent Strully, Jr.
    Founder and CEO of The New England Center for Children
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Hospitality & Tourism

  • Roy Nascimento
    Roy Nascimento
    President & CEO of North Central Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce
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  • Amy Chase
    Amy Chase
    CEO of The Crompton Collective and The Haberdash
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  • Grace Elton
    Grace Elton
    CEO of New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill
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  • Caroline Frankel
    Caroline Frankel
    Owner & CEO of Caroline's Cannabis, LLC
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  • Sam Hendler
    Sam Hendler
    Co-Owner & CEO of Jack's Abby Craft Lagers
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  • Girish Navani
    Girish Navani
    Co-founder & CEO of eClinicalWorks
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  • Bob Mumgaard
    Bob Mumgaard
    Co-Founder & CEO of Commonwealth Fusion Systems
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  • Eugene Scherbakov
    Eugene Scherbakov
    CEO of IPG Photonics
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  • Jon Weaver
    Jon Weaver
    President & CEO of Massachusetts Biomedical Initiatives
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  • Mike O’Kronley
    Mike O’Kronley
    CEO of Ascend Elements
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  • Stephen Woerner
    Stephen Woerner
    President of National Grid New England
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  • Michael Nicholson
    Michael Nicholson
    Mayor of the City of Gardner
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  • Eric Batista
    Eric Batista
    City manager for the City of Worcester
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  • Ivette Olmeda
    Ivette Olmeda
    Senior fellow at the MassDevelopment Transformative Development Initiative
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  • Meredith Harris
    Meredith Harris
    Executive director of Marlborough Economic Development Corp.
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  • Michael Angelini
    Michael Angelini
    Senior counsel at Bowditch & Dewey, LLP
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  • Kaska Yawo
    Kaska Yawo
    Co-founder & executive director of African Community Education
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  • Angela Bovill
    Angela Bovill
    President & CEO of Ascentria Care Alliance
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  • Debora Jackson
    Debora Jackson
    Dean of The WPI Business School
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  • Kathleen Jordan
    Kathleen Jordan
    CEO and incoming president of Seven Hills Foundation and Affiliates
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  • Tim Garvin
    Tim Garvin
    President & CEO of United Way of Central Massachusetts
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  • Tuyet Tran
    Tuyet Tran
    Executive director of the Southeast Asian Coalition of Central MA
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