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September 29, 2014

10 Things I Know About... Martial arts for professionals

10. Reaching goals In martial arts, balance and commitment are essential. Martial arts training reinforces self-discipline when you need to accomplish goals.

9. Making the right decisions Speed of thought and making the right choices are skills that can be practiced. Once learned, they can be applied to business and any aspect of life.

8. Focusing on the right business outcome In martial arts training, learning to win while respecting the other person is a key skill. In business, mutual benefit means you can do business together, repeatedly.

7. Looking at the big stuff Many martial arts techniques teach that directly opposing an opponent's action is less successful than using their momentum and balance against them by moving with them, but with your redirection. Business lesson? Sometimes it's better to give up a little to achieve a bigger goal.

6. Thinking quickly, yet clearly Meditation, a core of martial arts, calms the mind and body; it's a core to improving reaction times and decision making. Being calm and thinking quickly and clearly almost always yields a better result.

5. Calm and order for your mind Effective training and important business decisions require a combination of focus and intensity with mental and physical relaxation.

4. Challenging body and brain The martial arts are an exceptional form of physical fitness. Studies show that quality exercise enhances the brain's cognitive functions, enhancing our ability to learn and think.

3. Stress relief The martial arts have long been known as an excellent way to relieve stress, which impedes daily progress if there's no proper outlet for it during off hours.

2. Extending mental focus Martial arts students learn self-control and how to focus on the moment. This can be carried over to the work environment, helping you maintain focus on what you're doing.

1. Building self-esteem Through achieving belt ranks, one builds self-esteem and confidence in mastering self-control skills. In business, a confident person is a successful person.

Jim Cormier is the owner and master instructor at Cormier's Self Defense Academy in Holliston. Contact him at

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