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Updated: June 7, 2021 10 Things

10 Things I know about... Success on the job

Success on the job is not just a function of technical competence. Social skills and good judgment are critical. Here are some things I have learned as a business owner and as an officer of nonprofits.

Ruth Winett is owner of Winett Associates (, a Framingham firm providing market insights to business-to-business companies.

10) Keep on learning. Welcome new challenges and new responsibilities to make you stretch a little. Acquire new skills.

9) Develop friends and allies in your department and in other departments. Don’t alienate or antagonize anyone. People from the past may show up in new roles, perhaps as your manager.

8) Know your rights. If your supervisor makes unreasonable demands or asks overly personal questions, speak up.

7) Publicize accomplishments, and apologize if you screw up. No one is perfect.

6) Do not use your professional email address for personal communications. Your email messages could be used against you.

5) Be careful about how much personal information you share with colleagues. Whatever you reveal could become public. Don’t form romantic relationships at work.

4) If you are looking for new opportunities, keep it to yourself.

3) Work hard, but don’t let work dominate your personal life. Develop other interests and activities.

2) Keep up with former colleagues. You never know when you will need job leads or references or want to share memories.

1) Above all, be diligent. As Abraham Lincoln advised professionals, “Leave nothing for tomorrow which can be done today.”

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