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Updated: May 15, 2023 From the Editor

From the Editor: Noah, the devourer of carbs

A photo of Noah Kane holding a plate of bread and croissants Kane's son, Noah

My 10-year-old son, Noah, loves bread. As with most young children, but especially as a child with special needs, convincing Noah to eat anything new and somewhat healthy is an uphill battle. Yet, the dude loves his bread.

WBJ editor Brad Kane at his desk
WBJ Editor Brad Kane

Eating a plate full of bread isn’t the healthiest meal in the world, but Noah’s craving has enabled my wife and I to introduce a few more nutrients into his diet. Plus, his desire for different types of bread has made him more tolerant to try other, less highly processed foods, particularly vegetables. From a parenting standpoint, this feels like a win. Noah’s love of bread has spread to his other siblings as well. French baguettes, ciabatta, and challah are all regular parts of our grocery budget. At this point, my wife calls our three youngest children her carb babies.

Neither I nor Noah have ever been to Bread Guy Breads in Grafton, but after reading Staff Writer Kevin Koczwara’s story “Getting out of the kitchen” about the bakery, my family and I may soon make the trek. There’s a lot to like in hobbyist-turned-entrepreneur Chuck Brown’s quest to turn his home businesses into a sustainable retail shop, particularly because he provides a product that’s seemingly everywhere but at the same time very difficult to find in high quality.

The other key turning point in Brown’s story hits home for me as well. In looking for a partner to help mitigate the costs of his endeavor, the former high school principal teamed up with Grafton Public Schools and its Grafton Achieving Independence Now program, which helps special needs students aged 18-22 transition into the workforce. In the partnership, Brown has the students work in the bakery. As a special needs parent, I spend a disproportionate amount of time intensely worrying about how my children will support themselves, particularly after I’m no longer able to work. Knowing about programs like GAIN and partners like Bread Guy Breads makes me feel better.

And I love bread, too. I’ve always been a fan, but Noah’s passion for it spread to me as well. Now, bread dipped in seasoned olive oil is one of the staples of my diet. Noah has it figured just right: There’s a lot to like about bread.

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