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March 6, 2018

Lawsuit claims Hologic infringed patents, violated antitrust laws

Google Hologic's Marlborough location.

Marlborough health imaging company Hologic is being sued by Japanese photography and imaging company Fujifilm for patent infringement and violating U.S. antitrust laws.

In a federal lawsuit filed Friday, Fujifilm's U.S. imaging device subsidiary claims the company infringed on four patents relative to inventions and technologies developed by Fujifilm for 3D mammography. 

Further, Fujifilm says its mammography system, the ASPIRE Cristalle system, is about half the average price of Hologic’s mammography systems, and it should have increased overall market demand for 3D mammography systems and increase early detection of breast cancer, but Fujifilm claims it was prevented from doing so by Hologic.

Despite the advantages that Fujifilm claims, Hologic has “initiated an anticompetitive scheme to bar Fujifilm from the U.S. market by bringing sham litigation claims” against the company and its mammography system.

Hologic in June filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission, claiming violations of U.S. trade laws for the importation of Fujifilm’s breast imaging devices. 

In its lawsuit, Fujifilm calls that complaint “objectively baseless litigation that was motivated by its desire to impose a collateral, anticompetitive injury rather than to obtain a justifiable legal remedy.”

Fujifilm, requesting a jury trial, is seeking damages not yet determined.

Hologic spokeswoman Jane Mazur said the company does not comment on ongoing litigation. 

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