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January 4, 2022

Mass. cannabis prices continue to fall, nearing record low

Photo | Courtesy of Mayflower Mayflower's Worcester adult-use cannabis dispensary

The average monthly cost per one ounce of cannabis is the lowest it’s been in Massachusetts since adult-use sales opened in November 2018, excepting the first two full months of the coronavirus pandemic, according to data from the state Cannabis Control Commission.

The average price for an ounce of cannabis was $340.62 in December, and appears to be part of a broader downward trend beginning in the second half of 2021. Costs have consistently decreased month-to-month since July, when the average price for an ounce was $371.

High prices plagued the initial rollout of the legalized Massachusetts cannabis market, as the slow and expensive regulatory process to permit new growers and dispensaries kept startup costs high and limited competition. The high prices kept the black market for illicit cannabis viable.

In the month that adult-use sales first opened in 2018, the average cost per ounce of cannabis was $390.81, and costs reached an all-time high in February 2019, coming in at $405 per ounce.

As the coronavirus pandemic was hitting all aspects of commerce in spring 2020, the average cost hit its loweset-ever of $299.08 in April 2020, and in May 2020 that number was $320.30, the second-lowest on record. Costs did not again drop below $370 until June of this year and have been trending downward since.

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August 26, 2022

Greed is the answer, NJ and ME also have greed based industries. I went into Native Sun in North Attleboro and they wanted $18 for a preroll. GREED. I walked right out. You can not see the flowers, you can not smell the flowers. Greed based BS. I lived in CO for the last 20 years and now live in MA and it is truly a sad state of affairs here. Don’t waste your money on $60 1/8’s before taxes or $400 ounces before taxes. It will be another 10 years before the East Coast catches up to the West Coast pricing. The industry has created a time machine, if you want to go back to 1991 and pay those prices then head to Massachusetts New Jersey, Maine and Connecticut.

August 9, 2022

You shouldn’t use the word ‘cost’ when describing consumer prices

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