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Updated: December 12, 2022 Redlining: An Economic Legacy

Redlining: An economic legacy - See all the elements from the WBJ-WRRB report

The Worcester Business Journal partnered with the nonprofit Worcester Regional Research Bureau on a new project examining how rent increases over the last decade have impacted the city and its businesses, as well as an historic look at how financial decisions rooted in racism 86 years ago have exacerbated the housing and workforce problems today.

To read the full Worcester Regional Research Bureau report, "Static Income, Rising Costs: Renting in the Heart of the Commonwealth," head to the WRRB website, which includes interactive elements for readers to see how the data most impacts them.

The five elements from WBJ's reporting on the topic are:

  1. The feature story "Worcester has a rent problem" dives deep into how rising rents are creating workforce and social problems in the city.
  2. The feature story "Trapped: Worcester neighborhoods still suffer from the legacy of redlining" examines the legacy of redlining in Worcester neighborhoods, including how it set up certain neighborhoods to bear the brunt of today's spiking rents.
  3. See the redlined map from a 1936 assessment of the city, which divided and ranked Worcester by neighborhood. 
  4. WBJ Editor Brad Kane reflects on the importance of examining the way racism continues to shape Worcester's current economic development in his regular column.
  5. The WBJ editorial board also weighs in, providing recommendations for combating the ongoing rental crisis.

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