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March 6, 2019

Report: Average Worcester County adult needs to lose 52 pounds

Photo/Grant Welker A new report from the weight loss website Dietspotlight says the average body mass index of a Central Massachusetts adult puts in that person in the category of being overweight.

A typical adult in Worcester county needs to lose 52 pounds to be healthy, according to a report by the weight-loss website Dietspotlight.

Dietspotlight said it determined the weight of local residents through forms filled out anonymously by customers that include gender, height, weight, exercise levels and ZIP code.

The typical weight of men in Worcester County is 221 pounds, and a typical woman weighs 179 pounds, Florida-based Dietspotlight found.

The website's findings aren't too different than what Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data show for how common adults are overweight or even obese.

In Worcester, men average a body mass index, or BMI of 31.8, and women come in at a BMI of 30.1, according to Dietspotlight's data.

A BMI of 30 or above is considered obese. The CDC estimates that 25.9 percent of Massachusetts adults fall into that category. More broadly, 35.6 percent of Massachusetts adults are considered overweight, with a BMI of 25 or above.

Nationally, 30.1 percent of adults are considered obese and another 35.3 are considered overweight, according to the CDC.

Dietspotlight's data for Worcester County doesn't put Central Massachusetts residents in as relatively bad of a situation as the numbers might suggest. The average Massachusetts resident needs to lose 53 pounds, the website says. Nationally, that number is 59 pounds.

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