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May 2, 2024

Two nonprofits launch data platform detailing quality of life in Worcester County

A screenshot of a website that shows a number of dashboard options Image | Courtesy of Worcester County Insights The Worcester County Insights website

The Greater Worcester Community Foundation and Worcester Regional Research Bureau have teamed up to launch a new platform designed to provide data regarding the quality of life in Worcester County. 

Worcester County Insights is a collaborative effort between the two nonprofits offering data around 60 key indicators influencing quality of life in local communities, according to a press release issued by GWCF on Wednesday. The platform was developed by the Center for Governmental Research, a New York-based nonprofit, using U.S. Census Bureau survey data and other sources deemed reliable.

"We believe that data-driven decision-making is crucial for creating positive change in our communities, both through our own grantmaking and beyond," Pete Dunn, GWCF president and CEO, said in the press release. “Worcester County Insights helps give residents, policymakers, nonprofits, and other stakeholders the information they need to address disparities, advocate for equitable policies, and drive meaningful progress across Worcester County.”

A man with glasses in a portrait photo
Photo | Courtesy of Greater Worcester Community Foundation
Pete Dunn, president and CEO of Greater Worcester Community Foundation

Data on the platform covers a wide variety of topics, ranging from information on community life, demographics and diversity, employment, and education, with comparisons to statewide and national data. Users can compare data across 10 municipalities in the county: Athol, Clinton, Fitchburg, Gardner, Northbridge, Spencer, Southbridge, Westborough, Webster, and Worcester. 

The platform provides information on racial disparities in the area. Data highlighted in the GWCF press release shows 71% of white and 62% of Asian residents in Worcester County own homes, compared to 33% for both Latino and Black residents. This disparity in Worcester County is higher than nationwide data. 

A man wearing glasses and a suit with a red tie
Photo | Courtesy of Worcester Regional Research Bureau
Paul Matthews, executive director and CEO of Worcester Regional Research Bureau

Worcester Regional Research Bureau plans on publishing quarterly research briefs based on Worcester County Insights data. The first edition of this series of briefs introduces the data dashboard and shows users how to maximize its potential. 

“We believe Worcester County Insights and our Insights Insider research briefs will be a valuable new resource for the region," Paul Matthews, executive director and CEO of Worcester Regional Research Bureau, said in the release. “By providing easily accessible and up-to-date data, the platform aims to educate the public, inform policymakers, foster collaboration, and support evidence-based initiatives that address the most pressing issues facing Worcester County.”

The data platform can be accessed at

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