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November 1, 2016

VICAM releases toxin testing device

Photo Courtesy/Waters VICAM's new Afla-V AQUA and Fumo-V AQUA devices detect mold and fungus in corn and grain.

Milford-based Waters Corporation announced Tuesday that its business unit VICAM now offers a single extraction method to detect both mold and a toxic substance in corn and grain.

VICAM’s new Afla-V AQUA and Fumo-V AQUA devices provide results in five minutes after extraction and sample preparation to detect mold and fungus in corn and grain. This is done by testing for the presence of aflatoxins and fumonisins. Aflatoxins are naturally occurring chemical byproducts of mold species, and fumonisins are toxic substances produced by a fungus that inhabits corn.

The devices are designed to make monitoring of toxins produced by fungi more accessible by enabling early detection. According to Waters, this method is an improvement on traditional testing methods, which often require individual extraction procedures for each toxin that can require costly chemicals, such as methanol. The new devices use a water-based process that eliminates the use of these chemicals.

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