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Updated: September 29, 2023 Senior Resource Guide, 2023

WBJ launches Senior Resource Guide publication

The cover image of the 2023 Senior Resource Guide The cover of the 2023 Senior Resource Guide

Long-distance running is one of my all-time favorite activities.

There’s just something about the quiet, solitude, and physical exertion that makes me calm and happy. Fairly frequently, when I’m running the sidewalks around my community or in a road race, I’ll encounter seasoned runners a few decades my senior, who tend to be faster and smarter than me. Every time I see seniors out on a run, I’m inspired to follow in the footsteps of their lives. If I can navigate all the complexities that come with aging and grow old doing one of my favorite activities, I will have succeeded at life.

WBJ editor Brad Kane at his desk
WBJ Editor Brad Kane

Navigating the complexities of aging isn’t simple, though. Health care, finances, family, end-of-life planning all get more intricate and immediate as we all age. Getting a grasp on exactly what to do is hard enough to figure out on your own, not to mention figuring out who exactly to reach out to for help.

This is why Worcester Business Journal is launching this inaugural Senior Resource Guide special edition, jumping off from our well-received Senior Planning Guide section from two years ago. Inside these pages, you’ll find stories on key aspects of aging and helping those around you who are getting older as well. Moreover, this publication is full of lists and directories, providing the names of businesses and professionals who can guide you along the way. The Senior Resource Guide is designed to be a publication you can hang onto for a year or more, so you can keep coming back for information for different aspects of the aging process as your needs arise.

Venturing into the unknown of life’s later stages can be daunting. However, if we are armed with the right information, support, and advisors along the way, we can all end up winning at life.

– Brad Kane, editor

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