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Business Exit Strategies Forum

Thank you to our sponsors, speakers and everyone who joined us for this special forum.

Click here for slides from Presentation I. Mapping The Business Owner’s Journey – A Successful Proven Process

Click here for slides from Presentation II. A Team Approach – Pre-Sale Investment and Tax Planning

The Graduate Level of Business Ownership: Keys to Navigating the Journey and Maximizing Your Value.

No one owns their business forever, and developing a plan to maximize the value of what is likely your greatest asset is critical in achieving the future that will be the best for the company, yourself and your family.

If you’re a business owner looking to learn more about how to successfully transition your business now or sometime in the future, this special forum is for you! Our lineup of speakers will share both the pitfalls and best practices on how to manage your way through the process.


Presentation I. Mapping The Business Owner’s Journey – A Successful Proven Process


  • Terence Shepherd CMAA, CPA, MST (Managing Partner of S&G, LLC and Founding Partner of ROCG Consulting LLC) 
  • Ronen Shefer CPA (Founding Partner and CEO of ROCG Consulting) bestselling authors of - The Graduate Level of Business Ownership 

Aligning Business Owners’ Aspirations With Their Personal Lives - Learn best practices in running a successful business, the steps to take to ensure you’re living the life you want, transition from daily hands-on management to maximize the value of the business, and set the stage to exit your business on your terms and timetable.

Presentation II. A Team Approach – Pre-Sale Investment and Tax Planning

Presenter: Tom Bartholomew, President & CEO, Bartholomew & Company

  • Ensuring your estate planning meets your current objectives and financial circumstances.

  • Business sale tax minimization planning, a coordinated approach with your tax, legal and consulting business advisors.

  • Sale Proceeds: What do I do with all this money ? Investment Management and Retirement Planning that aligns with your priorities.

Presentation 3 - War Stories From The Trenches – The Good, The Bad and Ugly

Hear from a former owner who has sold his business and will share his stories on the sale process, the unanticipated burden of due diligence, and the ups and downs in working for a new owner.

  • Altaf Shaikh – Founder & Current CEO of ListEngage

The Graduate Level of Business Ownership: The Secrets of Business Success and Personal Happiness



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  • Terry Shepherd
    Partner, S&G LLP and ROCG Consultants
  • Ronen Shefer
    Partner & CEO, ROCG Consultants
  • Thomas Bartholomew
    President & CEO, Bartholomew & Company
  • Altaf Shaikh
    Founder and CEO, ListEngage