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  • Shop Talk
    Shop Talk

    Q&A: Leicester curiosity shop delights in the whimsical, witchy, and retro

    Vintage Rebel Curiosity Shop in Leicester refers to itself as “We’re one of those ‘don't know you need it until you see it’ kind of stores.”

  • Developer seeks $250M demolition, renovation, expansion of Oxford affordable housing complex

    Timothy Doyle

    Boston developer Trinity Financial proposed a complete redevelopment of its New Orchard Hills Estates affordable housing complex in Oxford.

  • Advice

    101: Motivating top performers

    Susan Shalhoub

    Top performers tend to fall into the background as managerial attention goes to underachievers and new hires. But there needs to be a strategy to energize top performers too, or risk them getting bored, disgruntled, and looking elsewhere

  • Advice

    10 Things I know about ... ChatGPT risks

    Michelle Drolet

    Like most tools, large language models (like ChatGPT & Google Bard) can be used for good or ill purposes. Positives: generate creative content, translate languages, and debug software. Negatives: They can be used to damage reputations, spread misinformation, code malware, and conduct cyberattacks.

  • Advice

    How to work with a public relations firm

    David A. Ball

    How you approach the task of engaging a public relations firm will likely determine the success of a PR campaign.

  • Opinion

    Viewpoint: Health inequities are a $6B economic problem

    Audrey Shelto

    The first question for health foundations: What is causing racial disparities and inequities in health?

  • Editorial

    Editorial: We’re not out of the woods yet

    Despite the many headwinds - like the war in Ukraine and a steep rise in interest rates – unemployment remains incredibly low, and businesses are still hiring as they look to fill key positions and meet persistent demand.

  • Opinion

    A Thousand Words: Clark's anonymous donation

    Ramón L. Sandoval

    Clark University received a $1 million anonymous donation for a new honors program, which is launching a pilot in the fall semester.

  • Editorial

    From the Editor: Everything is going to be ok

    WBJ decided to publish a Midyear Economic Update on the local business community, to see how all the major events so far in 2023 impacted people’s feelings about the rest of this year.

  • Movers & Shakers
    Movers & Shakers

    Movers & Shakers for June 26, 2023

    People are on the move at New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill, Cornerstone Bank, and Thrive Support & Advocacy.

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Why do you primarily visit the Canal District neighborhood in Worcester?
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The Canal District has gone through a number of transitions over the last few decades. The neighborhood once had one of the higher poverty rates in Worcester when businesses like the Dive Bar moved in, followed by a number of locally owned restaurants and bars. Just over 10 years ago, the retail shop Crompton Collective started attracting a different crowd of people looking for unique goods. This eclectic mix of small businesses and a walkable, urban vibe attracted the owners of Pawtucket Red Sox to move their baseball team in 2021 to the newly developed $160-million Polar Park, the most expensive minor league baseball stadium ever built. That development is being followed by a wave of market-rate multifamily housing projects, which are at varying degrees of development.