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Sponsored by: National Grid
March 13, 2024

Electric is the future, and National Grid is helping you drive into tomorrow. 

National Grid is taking a huge step forward in making tomorrow smarter, stronger, and cleaner. As part of their electric vehicle initiatives, National Grid has launched a variety of new programs to help achieve net zero emission goals and accelerate transportation electrification throughout Massachusetts to provide customers with more charging options and valuable incentives.

To meet these goals, National Grid is offering financial incentives and guidance on how to get started and manage costs for commercial customers, fleets, and multi-unit property owners. With National Grid as a partner, EV adoption and charging accessibility becomes more attainable for everyone.

The demand for public charging is growing and adding stations at your destination or workplace is the best way to show employees, visitors, and the community that you’re committed to sustainability. The convenience of charging stations can help attract and retain customers or employees. While people’s cars are charging, the amount of time they spend at your location will increase, giving them more opportunities to shop and get to know your location. 

National Grid’s EV Charging Program will fund up to 100% of the electric infrastructure costs and provide additional rebates for charging stations. Additionally, we will reduce your organization’s time investment by providing a simplified, step-by-step experience.

Many public and commercial fleets are transitioning to EVs, not only for the environmental benefits but also to take advantage of reduced maintenance and operating costs. Plus, transitioning to EV means opportunities to take advantage of favorable incentive programs. For some, this switch is overwhelming, and getting started is the hardest part. This is where National Grid comes in, with specialized knowledge and experience to guide you every step of the way. 

Electrifying your fleet means saving money, becoming an environmental leader, and reducing your emissions. Fleets can take advantage of a variety of incentives including funding with the EV Charging Program, savings for charging off-peak, and expert support in electrification planning through comprehensive Fleet Advisory Services for qualifying public fleets. 

Another way to show your commitment to sustainability and set your property apart is with charging stations at your multi-unit dwelling. Now is the time to take the opportunity to attract, retain, and provide value to residents. Plus, there is the added benefit of a new revenue stream. The best part is that you don’t have to do it alone because National Grid is here to help.

As businesses continue to transition their fleets and more individuals invest in EVs, the demand for charging stations will continue to rise for residents. With this evolution, now is the time for multi-unit dwellings like apartment buildings, complexes, and residential developments to install charging stations for the growing demand. To help with this transition, multi-unit dwellings can take advantage of funding through National Grid’s EV Charging Program and qualifying properties can receive additional expert support to understand the infrastructure, equipment, and management practices necessary to provide EV charging to residents through National Grid’s EV Ready Site Plans. 

The growing EV market is an exciting step toward a cleaner future. If you’re considering making an EV shift to better the environment, National Grid is here to help. Lean on National Grid’s funding for infrastructure and charging stations to help you through the transition, in addition to continued savings on operation and maintenance costs. Showing your commitment to sustainability is easier than ever when you have National Grid to support you every step of the way. 

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