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Fletcher Tilton PC

Dear Friends and Colleagues in the Greater Worcester Community,

It’s probably fair to say that things will never be quite the same again after the strange spring of 2020. Like many difficult periods that have overlapped the nearly 200 years since our firm’s inception, it has forced us to view the world through different eyes. The leadership team at Fletcher Tilton PC recognized from the outset that we had an ongoing obligation to our clients, our staff and our community to lead through this unprecedented challenge with transparency, agility and perseverance.  In so doing, we may find the best way to honor and acknowledge the deep losses that have affected so many.

Throughout this period, our lawyers and staff have worked closely with families who have lost loved ones, businesses that are facing economic uncertainty, and community-based organizations who are on the front line of defense. Our top priority has been and remains to serve their needs and guide them through this difficult period.  Serving our clients well enables us to take care of our people and support our community.

An important aspect of transparency in our leadership team has been acknowledging the challenges and uncertainties that face us all. This truth-in-leadership principle has reinforced trust in our messaging and our actions. We have acknowledged what we know and what is uncertain. And, as we’ve worked through this period, we have provided regular updates to inform and guide our clients and our staff on matters important to them.  

A marvelous revelation has been the resiliency, effectiveness and steadfastness of our staff in providing legal services to our clients in a predominantly virtual environment. With most working remotely, our technology has out-performed expectations and our staff has shown great personal leadership by stretching to learn new skills and tactics. This development has been truly transformational for many. We see great potential in adding virtual meetings as an ongoing option for our clients to save them the trouble of driving to our offices. Offering a number of different ways to accommodate client needs in the future will further enhance our effectiveness and efficiency as well as the client experience. 

The leadership team at Fletcher Tilton appreciates the efforts made by our dedicated staff.  We are convinced that our individual and collective capabilities have been strengthened by this challenging experience. We recognize that we stand on the shoulders of past generations of our firm who met similar challenges during nearly two centuries of leadership.   We acknowledge the seriousness of our obligation to help our clients, our firm and our community through this difficult period and into a brighter future. 


The Leadership Team of Fletcher Tilton PC

Frederick M. Misilo, Jr.
Anthony J. Salvidio, II
Dennis F. Gorman
Kirk A. Carter
Mark L. Donahue