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McLaren & Associates CPAs, PC


As a Certified B Corporation®, McLaren & Associates CPAs, PC has always made the choice to put people before profit. Our mission is to make a positive difference in as many lives as possible. We believe in doing well, by doing good. During these strange and difficult times, the choices we are making are for the livelihoods of our clients, our staff, our families and friends, and our communities.

It was important to us that we be on the forefront of the rapidly changing laws and regulations of the COVID-19 pandemic. Extensive research was done to understand the intricacies of the rules as it pertains to the loan programs. The research is ongoing, as the rules and regulations are continually changing as it pertains to the many programs that the government has implemented to mitigate the adverse effects of the pandemic. This research has helped us to assist our clients through every phase of the programs in which they are participating. As such, we continue to make a positive difference in our clients’ lives.

One of the most valuable things we did for our community was to give them hope. Our team counseled people through the emotional despair caused by the uncertainty and negative effect of this pandemic. You cannot put a price on the value of giving someone comfort and hope for the future.

Our clients know that we strive to be on the cutting edge as strategic accountants, and they know that we will also be on the cutting edge of these new laws and regulations. However, we also know that our knowledge should be shared with as many people as possible. Therefore, we produced several videos and posted them to our social media platforms. We also spoke and did presentations with various groups to educate. When people who were not clients called us, we gave them the best advice we could pro-bono, because that is the right thing to do and that is who we are.

Our advice went as far as working with several banks to process Paycheck Protection Program loan applications for our clients, and one banker with whom we have a relationship even helped our clients who did not have an account with their bank. These are the types of relationships that we foster and build at McLaren & Associates. We are caring and honest people, striving to do what is right, and make a positive difference in as many lives as possible. When we work toward a positive goal it is easy to do right by others, and that is what makes our job so rewarding. Our team is here to make others’ lives easier by providing strategic tax services, business valuations, forensic accounting, and litigation services, as well as outsourced accounting.

It is never about profit; it is about helping our fellow business owners, referral sources, coworkers, friends, families, and communities. It is about making sure that those of us who can help others do so because we are all in this together. In assisting the individuals that we did during the first phase of the Payroll Protection Program loan process, we helped save jobs and businesses for over 400 individuals. In the grand scheme of this pandemic that may not seem like much, but for these individuals it was everything. The reward was the joy our team felt for helping to save these people’s livelihoods.

At McLaren & Associates CPAs, PC, we will continue our education and research to help our clients, not only through this pandemic but also through every juncture along the life of our client’s businesses. The commitment we have made at McLaren & Associates to our team, and to our clients, is that we exceed their expectations, help them grow and thrive, and of course make a positive difference.

Together we will get through these difficult times.

Founder and Managing Partner