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Updated: August 16, 2021 / 40 Under Forty, Class of 2021

40 Under Forty 2021: Shaun McDonough

Photo | Erika Sidor Shaun McDonough
Photo | Erika Sidor 40 Under Forty, Class of 2021 members (from left) Kat Stevens, LMHC, Shaun McDonough, Jessika Zequeira and Joanne M. Fowling at The Strand movie theater in Clinton (Special thanks to Rob Nierintz)
Shaun McDonough, 35
  • Title Executive vice president of purpose, people, & process
  • Company FLEXcon Co., Inc., in Spencer
  • Residence Westborough
  • Birthplace Worcester
  • Colleges Trinity College, Northeastern University School of Law
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Before becoming the heir apparent at FLEXcon, Shaun McDonough spent two years working as a public defender in Worcester County, during which he ran undefeated in trials. Now, however, his work life looks a little different.

Instead of arguing in court, he’s helped grow FLEXcon’s medical skin contact adhesive business profits by 173% in the course of a single fiscal year, largely by reworking collateral, negotiating with customers, making connections with end users, and working on process improvements. Most recently, he helped lead the company’s COVID response team, which helped keep the Spencer business open and its onsite employees safe during a tenuous time. Part of McDonough’s role includes making presentations to local schools in the areas of STEM, material science, and biomimicry through microstructures. Volunteering educational support – whether individually or through FLEXcon – is something he is particularly proud to take part in. FLEXcon President and CEO Lavon Winkler said one of the main purposes in his role is preparing McDonough to one day take over the $300-million company. Already focused on creating a company modeled around his philosophy where culture is king, McDonough is working to create a culture of problem solvers and team players to help lead FLEXcon into the future. Given his track record already outside of his family’s business, the 65-year-old company seems poised for another generation of success.

What decade would you time travel to? 2050s - I would love to know my kids at my current age and the world they are in (without me aging).

Why do you live in Central Mass.? I was born and raised here. It just feels like home. Plus, you can’t beat the sports teams!

When a statue eventually gets built of you, what will the plaque say? Either “What problem are you trying to solve, and how will you know when you solved it?” or “When you’re right…you’re right!”

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