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Updated: February 8, 2021 5 things

5 Things I know about... Powerful leadership qualities

5) Be authentic. One of the single most important positive qualities of a leader is the ability to lead with authenticity. Be yourself by bringing your values, your style, and your vision to all of what you do. Align your values with your organizational values. Authentic leaders are passionate, inspirational, and encourage high-level trust in relationships. This catapults success. 

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4) Look in the mirror. Leaders who demand excellence need to start by demanding it from themselves. Your own drive and work ethic sets the tone. As a leader, you must exhibit those qualities you wish to see in your teams. If you are dedicated, possess high integrity, commitment, and work to achieve the highest possible quality in all that you do, it will set a tone and drive your team to achieve their highest level of excellence.

3) Master the art of juggling. Leaders must be exceptional at juggling the intensity of their schedules with the unfolding dynamic needs and challenges of each day. You must start with a strategic plan for your week to ensure you are accomplishing your key initiatives. Staying focused on what needs to get done while balancing all of your other competing priorities is an art – and one you need to master.

2) Do what you say. Follow-through is everything. If you say you are going to do something – do it. If you make a promise – deliver it. Every action or inaction has a result and a consequence. Follow-through is one of the most important qualities a leader can have because it exhibits credibility and integrity. If you cannot follow-through, do not make the commitment.

1) Make it a point to uplift others. Nothing is more rewarding than being a positive force in the lives of those you lead. Mentor, coach, and give positive feedback and encouragement to those who work for or with you. Provide honest feedback and a road map to help them grow by providing the information they need to succeed on a project or undertaking. Celebrate their successes. Thank them for their efforts. Not just once in a while, but every day.

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