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October 7, 2013

Monster Poll: Most Feel Sunday Night 'Blues'

Do you or someone you know have a feeling of dread every Sunday night because you have a lot of working waiting for you the next morning? If you do, you’re part of a sizable majority, according to a new poll from Maynard-based

The online job board and career content site said 65 percent of respondents to a recent global poll consider their feelings of anxiety on Sunday nights – what Monster calls the Sunday Night Blues – either “bad” or “really bad,” with 47 percent calling it the latter.

Meanwhile, 22 percent said they don’t experience Sunday night anxiety, while the remaining 13 percent called it only “slightly bad.”

“I don’t think anyone is happy to see their weekend come to a close,” said Mary Ellen Slayter, career advice expert for “Monday mornings are notoriously stressful. Catching up on emails, planning the upcoming week, tackling new assignments—all while thinking, ‘I have another five solid days of work before my next day off.’ It’s understandably daunting.”

Breaking down the numbers by region, workers from the United States (59 percent) report the highest level of “really bad” anxiety while France claimed the lowest, at only 20 percent.

Slayter suggested that workers who want to reduce their anxiety levels on Sunday nights should be proactive and act on Friday afternoons, before they punch out for the weekend. “Don’t run for the door the moment your clock strikes five,” she said. “Instead, spend a few minutes preparing for next week: review and prioritize your calendar, assemble materials you expect to be using, and tie up every loose end you can.”

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