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Overcoming business roadblocks

Detours and roadblocks are never fun. In the fast-paced world we live in today, we are often ready to go from point A to point B and expect it to be a quick-and-easy transaction. This doesn’t happen in business. AT ALL!! 

Natalie Rodriguez is the owner and founder of the Worcester restaurant Nuestra.

Owning a business can sometimes feel like you are trying to cross the street while things are being thrown at you, and you have to try to avoid getting hit by a car in the process. How you handle the roadblocks is the key to success and striving in business.

When I started in business, I had to learn things will not always go my way. Each time this happened, I became more creative, and I became more relentless. When you have to figure out a new route, you become more alert and aware of your surroundings. You have to embrace your new journey (detour). They may not always be pleasant, but it can certainly show you a new outlook. Sometimes these roadblocks help teach us many lessons, such as what not to do or perhaps how you can improve on doing it better next time.

I have always lived by the motto, “Everything happens for a reason.” I may not always know the reason, but I have learned to take things in stride and roll with the punches. These detours can put you in rooms you never imagined. They can give you conversations with people you thought were out of reach and even open up doors that you never knew had a key!

Making sure you delegate in these times is crucial. You will need to get creative, so you will need to try to lighten your load so you can be more productive. Focus on the things that pay you more. Some examples are booking out clients or prospecting for an hour versus cleaning your home or going grocery shopping. No, I am not saying to have a dirty house and stay hungry, I am saying stay productive and hire someone to clean for you, plan your meals out, and shop online for groceries. These are God-sent tips I have learned along the way.

Fill up your calendar with productivity. This can be marketing, reels on Instagram or Facebook, working your business in every way possible. Prioritizing during these roadblocks will help you get the most important things accomplished. Seek help. I am super prideful, but one thing I have learned is it is ok to seek help, especially if you are like me and you give back and are always helping.

My best advice to deal with roadblocks and detours in business is to just keep going. Pull out all the stops and tricks you have in your hat. This is where the weak and the strong are separated, because being an entrepreneur is not for the weak. I want to finish by saying: Great job! I am proud of you! Remember other people's opinions about you and what you are doing is none of your business

Keep pushing!

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