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June 23, 2020

Study: ReWalk soft exoskeleton improves walking speed in 64% of patients

Photo | Courtesy of ReWalk A demonstration of ReWalk's exoskeleton systems

A new study published in the Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation indicates 64% of study participants who experienced stroke-related mobility issues were able to walk significantly faster while using ReWalk Robotics' ReStore Exo-Suite, the Marlborough manufacturer announced on Monday.

Five rehabilitation institutions were involved in the study, including Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston.

"Physical therapists have historically relied on passive assistive devices to help patients with post-stroke hemiparesis walk safely,” said Lou Awad, director of Boston University's Neuromotor Recovery Laboratory, who worked as the site investigator at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. “As an active assistive device, the ReStore soft robotic exo-suit offers new opportunities to retrain walking after stroke."

The study worked with 36 participants who completed seven study visits with the ReStore Exo-Suit, according to the announcement. 

The suit was unveiled in 2017 and was designed to provide an affordable, versatile option to help improve the wearer’s gait. 

"This work summarizes the first results from the largest soft exo-suit trial to date, and the positive findings in terms of safety and improved walking speeds showcase the potential of this technology to dramatically impact patient outcomes post stroke,” said Kathleen O'Donnell, director of product management and strategy at ReWalk Robotics, in a statement.

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