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Updated: October 17, 2022

WBJ names the 2022 Outstanding Women in Business

Each page of Worcester Business Journal is full of lessons for running your business. We have stories about companies and people who have succeeded or failed, and advice columns directly from professionals who work successfully in Central Massachusetts.

As editor of WBJ for the past seven years, I’ve read every piece of content that has appeared in these pages over that timespan, and I take all this guidance to heart. This has informed how I run the newsroom, what stories we choose to pursue, and how I interact with other people in the business community. While there are lessons to be learned in everything, the truly great advice are the ones I take home with me, to shape how I live my life and the wisdom I impart to my daughters and my sons.

Every year, I’m blessed to be able to interact with some of the top professionals in our marketplace, often through the handful of awards we hand out. Now, with their announcement on Oct. 17, this is the Outstanding Women in Business honors. Through these awards, we recognize leaders in their fields who not only set the standard for professionalism and achievement, but are people who have had to overcome biases and particularly poignant obstacles.

When WBJ asked the nine winners of this year’s Outstanding Women in Business Awards for their advice to women in the workforce, their responses – while detailed and varied – boiled down to two things: persistence and support. Their keys to the paths of success are having the determination to overcome and the network of people to support those efforts.

This is, of course, not the only lesson you’ll learn from these high-achieving professionals. Others include how to build that support network, balance work and family life, be a top contributor to your community, follow your passion, raise others up, and learn to speak German quickly.

Each one of these winners is a gold mine in how to improve your business and your life. I’ve been fortunate enough to have already heard and heeded the wisdom they impart. You will be made better, too, as you read what they have to say.

– Brad Kane, editor

Click here to read the honoree profiles for the 2022 Outstanding Women in Business.

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