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September 14, 2021

Wyman-Gordon’s expansive front lawn in Grafton may become an industrial warehouse

Photo | Google Earth Wyman-Gordon's front lawn could be redeveloped into an industrial warehouse, pending approval from Grafton's planning board.

A 375,000-square-foot industrial warehouse is awaiting approval to be built on the front lawn of aerospace product supplier Wyman-Gordon’s office in Grafton, according to an application to the Town of Grafton Planning Board.

The application to construct a warehouse was submitted by Churchill & Banks Companies LLC, a Providence-headquartered real estate developer. 

Proposed use of the warehouse includes 24-hour shipping and delivery seven days a week. An estimated 300 total employees will work at the warehouse, with roughly 180 maximum on a single shift.

A traffic impact report mentioned in the application estimated 638 new vehicle trips per day, a third of which will be tractor trailers for delivery.

As of 2021, Wyman-Gordon’s entire parcel is assessed by the Town of Grafton at $15.85 million.

Wyman-Gordon, headquartered in Millbury, has owned the 26.2-acre lawn in front of its Grafton facility since 1982. It purchased the property at 244 Worcester St. from the federal government for $34.45 million, according to the Worcester Registry of Deeds.

The new warehouse will block Wyman-Gordon’s current central entrance, which will be moved to the eastern part of the building, said the application.

News of the proposal was first reported by Grafton Common.

The application was received by the planning board on Sept. 2 and is waiting for public hearing on Sept. 27, per the planning board’s website.


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October 14, 2021

So will they will be tearing down the mill once they go under?

October 8, 2021
638 round round trips or 638 one-way trips? It makes a huge difference, particularly to those living across the street. In a 24 hour period, do they have 638 warehouse-related vehicles driving past their homes----or 1276?
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