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Updated: April 1, 2024 Advice

101: Staying productive while working from home

The COVID pandemic had an unprecedented impact on the way we conduct business, including the acceleration of remote work. Working from home is a benefit businesses are still incorporating, as of 2023, 12.7% of full-time employees work from home, while 28.2% work a hybrid model, according to Forbes. The key to successfully working from home is maintaining productivity.

Develop a routine. While hybrid jobs help maintain a normal work schedule, those who are completely remote must rely on their own discipline and time management. BambooHR says consistently waking up on time and still going through a morning routine of getting dressed will help enforce a work schedule from home. Organizing your calendar to include all your work meetings and trainings, along with personal activities such as lunch breaks or walking the dog, will provide structure throughout the workday.

Overcommunicate with your team. Those working from home miss the benefit of seeing coworkers in person. Since most communication is nonverbal, the lack of seeing facial cues or body language can be an obstacle. This is why overcommunicating with colleagues and supervisors is critical to effective remote work. Being upfront with your team, updating them on your progress, and being open about any questions or clarifications you might have are key to ensuring positive workflow, according to the Human Resources Training and Development Department at the University of Georgia. When in doubt as a remote worker, always choose transparency and talk to your team.

Create a dedicated workspace. Remote work forgoes the cubicle, but it is still important to maintain your own workspace for privacy and productivity. Entrepreneur Magazine recommends creating an office space, preferably one limiting outside interruptions and noise. Once you have your location selected, set it up with some work from home essentials like reliable WiFi, high quality headphones, and a comfortable chair, and you now have a workspace emulating the productivity of an office with all the comforts of home.

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