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November 7, 2023

Alira Health joins partnership for Lupus research

Photo | Google Alira Health is located on the fourth floor of this Grant Street building in Framingham.

Framingham-based Alira Health has partnered with FORWARD, a national database for rheumatic diseases, to create an enhanced patient registry for autoimmune disease Lupus.

The partnership with FORWARD will enable Lupus researchers to have a broader bank of patient data to improve research capabilities and patient outcomes, according to a Monday press release from Alira.

"We envision a future in which patients are empowered to personally manage their complete healthcare information, leading to more effective treatments, improved disease management, better overall health, and the ability to actively engage their support network," said Alira director of patient engagement and advocacy Jennifer Lannon in the press release. "The collaboration with FORWARD and the Lupus Registry represents a significant stride along this transformative journey. We are privileged to work together in our shared mission to enhance the well-being of individuals living with Lupus."

Alira Health is a clinical research and advisory firm focused on patient data. In January, it secured $58 million in funding as changes in laws gave patients more control of their data. Also in January, the company named its first-ever chief patient officer, tasked with patient-facing innovation.

Lupus is a complex disease with limited available treatment. The registry will allow patients with the disease to submit symptoms and health data, which will then be available to researchers as de-identified data, according to the press release. The goal of the database is to inform new clinical trials geared at improving patient outcomes. 

Alira will be responsible for the patient data submission process using its Health Storylines mobile platform, according to the press release. The platform, launched in 2013, has engaged 3,000 individuals with Lupus.

"Patient contributions to the registry will serve as a driving force for the exploration of novel approaches to Lupus treatment," said FORWARD director Kaleb Michaud in the press release.

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