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June 24, 2024

David Clark Co. buys site of future headquarters for $19M

Satellite image of an industrial complex Image | Courtesy of Google Maps The David Clark Co. has purchased the former headquarters of Allegro Microsystems for $19 million. The company announced its intention to move its headquarters to the site in May.

Following a May announcement the aerospace manufacturing company is moving its headquarters to Northeast Cutoff in Worcester, The David Clark Co. has purchased the site for $19 million. 

The deal, finalized on Friday, saw a real estate-focused affiliate of the Clark Co. purchase the property from Worcester-based 115 Northeast Cutoff Realty Trust, according to Worcester District Registry of Deeds records.

The trust acquired the property for $3.9 million from Allegro Microsystems in May 2019, according to City of Worcester property records. Allegro moved its headquarters from Worcester to Marlborough in April 2018. 

The site contains three separate buildings with a combined area of 223,963 square feet, with the largest building being a two-story, 203,663-square-foot structure built in 1975. The property was given a tax assessment value of $5.98 million in 2024, according to City of Worcester property records.

The Clark Co., currently headquartered at 360 Franklin St., expects total relocation costs to reach $48 million, with $25 million going towards building renovations, according to City documents submitted as part of the company’s request for a tax-increment financing agreement for the project.

Founded in 1935, the David Clark Co.’s notable contributions to American society include the creation of the first anti-G suits for Allied fighter pilots during World War II, the development of pressure suits used by pilots who used the X-1 rocket plane to break the sound barrier, and creating spacesuits utilized during the Gemini and Apollo space programs. 

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