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Updated: April 3, 2023 / 2023 Manufacturing Excellence Awards

Manufacturing awards: Multiscale Systems relies on geometry to create products with lower carbon footprints

Two Multiscale Systems employees are pictured in a workshop looking at a black composite. PHOTO | Courtesy of Multiscale Systems Multiscale CEO Jesse Silverberg (right) and Chief Technology Officer Art Evans study one of the company's composites.

At just five years old, Multiscale Systems has already made its mark on the world of research and development.

Multiscale Systems is a smaller Worcester company contracting with NASA, the U.S. Department of Energy, and a number of other federal institutions. The company focuses on creating advanced materials, such as its MetaCORE material, as it tries to reach its goal of a low-carbon future, with improvements in transportation being where its efforts have led them.

This chart provides information about Multiscale's products and operational size.

MetaCORE, otherwise known as metamaterial composites, are a patented material created with a wide range of uses in mind, allowing more extreme responses to external forces, energy absorption, temperature control, and a minimization of vibrations. MetaCORE relies on geometry to make it work, rather than a chemical reaction, which helps its flexibility and its potential to be used with just about anything that may require this material, as the base can range from traditional materials like metals, composites, and polymers to paper, if necessary.

Five members of the Multiscale Systems team holding materials, pictured with the facility's dog.
PHOTO | Courtesy of Multiscale Systems
The Multiscale team, including dog Morse.

Now focused on the transportation sector, MetaCORE material is being used to reduce more than 1,500 pounds of weight off of semi-trailers by replacing conventional foam and honeycomb applications in paneling, resulting in a lighter load that’s more fuel efficient.

Jesse Silverberg, CEO and founder of Multiscale Systems, who has a PhD in physics, said the driving force behind the creation of the company was the need to continue his research in the field, with the next natural step culminating into entering the commercial marketplace.

“Every dollar we make goes back into the company in order to help us keep moving forward,” Silverberg said. “We just have to keep pushing and keep growing like we have been so far.”

The company plans to continue its progressive attitude by carrying on with its innovative material production, seeking the goal of a low-carbon future by applying completely recyclable materials to be used in its products.

Despite its small size, with only 10 employees and one office dog who joined the team in 2021, Multiscale Systems strives to improve upon already improved materials in order to reduce waste and truly make its mark on the world, focused on making a difference.

2023 Manufacturing Excellence Awards

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