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Updated: April 4, 2022 / Manufacturing Excellence Awards 2022

Manufacturing awards: Solvus Global provides solutions across the industry

Photo | Courtesy of Solvus Global Solvus Global team

Now just five years old, Solvus Global seeks to become a technology-solution provider for the materials and manufacturing industries.

But more than its offerings or its growth, Solvus seeks to be a company focused on its people, through workforce development and professional development training programs. Employees are given the opportunity to lead a project or contract.

“Solvus Global was founded on one principle: People are the only thing that matters in business,” Nicole Boyson, Solvus marketing manager. “Since then, Solvus Global Co-founders Aaron Birt and Sean Kelly have built our entire organization centered around its team members and the value they bring. That mindset shift has made all the difference in us realizing our ambitions.”

Solvus Global

With 40 people spread across manufacturing sites in Leominster and Worcester and a collaborative research center in Webster, Solvus services customers through five specialties: powders on demand, build it gigantic (B.I.G), kinetic batteries, augmented process ecosystem for x (APEX), and VALIS.

Powders on demand allow quality-controlled, custom-processed, and custom-packaged powders to be accessible through an online portal for purchase, fulfilling the need for high-quality, reliable powder.

B.I.G. creates 3D-printed metal parts greater than 1 cubic foot in volume. These are frequently purchased for aerospace, defense, agricultural, and machinery manufacturing.

Kinetic batteries has innovated previous battery structures by altering the fabrication with use of cold-spray technology. Because KB uses cold spray, active material can be consolidated into thin foils, so the battery electrodes are customizable to any size or shape.

APEX produces an additive manufacturing software designed for cold spray, wire arc, or friction stir technology. It allows users to collect and store data, easily input a series of steps to auto-run processes or configure shareable reports. APEX software is adaptable and can be used for any process requiring sensors.

VALIS is another software, this time integrating with recycling technology to capture material data, in order to create the most efficient and effective reuse of post-consumer material.

2022 Manufacturing Excellence Awards

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