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November 12, 2021

WPI professor awarded $1.4M for muscle research

Photo | Courtesy of WPI Professor Sam Walcott was awarded $1.4 million for research on muscle contraction.

Sam Walcott, a researcher at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, received a $1.4-million grant for developing a model for creation of better prosthetic devices.

Granted by the National Institute of Health, the funding will support the development of a model to predict the amount of chemical energy muscles need to contract, according to a Tuesday press release from the college.

“Advances in molecular science over the last two decades have expanded our understanding of energy use at the tiniest scale,” Walcott said in the release. “Now we want to take that knowledge and make predictions at larger scales so we can improve human health.”

Walcott is an associate professor in the mathematical sciences department. He will collaborate with three other professors at the University of Calgary, The Ohio State University, and UMass Amherst. 

The four researchers will combine laboratory and human experiments to measure the energy consumed during muscle contraction.

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