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2024 Power 100: Rita and Jay Kapur

A man wearing a suit and a woman wearing a scarf smile at the camera. Photo | Courtesy of Aimtek and Atech Turbine Components Jay (left) and Rita Kapur, presidents of Aimtek and Atech Turbine Components
Rita Kapur President of Atech Turbine Components, in Auburn Jay Kapur President of Aimtek, in Auburn Employees 40 (Rita), 40 (Jay) Residences Natick (Rita), Worcester (Jay) Colleges Bentley University (Rita), Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Jay) Read all the Power 100 profiles here
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Under the leadership of Rita and Jay Kapur, Atech Turbine Components and Aimtek have flown to new heights.

Rita is the president of Atech Turbine Components, a sister company of Aimtek, which is led by Jay. Both companies deal with the production of specialty products and services for the aerospace industry, although Aimtek also provides services to a number of other industries, including the defense, medical, and automotive fields.

Since taking over the businesses from their parents, Rita and Jay have proven to be effective executives who aren’t afraid of innovation or thinking outside the box.

At Atech, Rita has helped continue the company’s reputation into a global leader in aerospace manufacturing. When the coronavirus pandemic hit and led to a drastic decline in air travel, Rita avoided the quick solution of laying off employees, insteading charting a course to see the company take a number of other financial steps to avoid sacrificing anyone’s livelihood. This creative thinking allowed Atech to retain its talent and come out ahead of competitors in the sector, and now the company is a Massachusetts leader in apprenticeship programs, training the next generation of workers. Rita has been selected as a member of the board of directors for MassMEP, a nonprofit dedicated to helping small to midsized manufacturers across the state.

At Aimtek, Jay has continued his family's strong work ethic, leading a successful new product launch of molded silicone reusable masking for thermal spray and surface finishing applications. This new product, manufactured in Auburn, drastically reduced time-consuming labor and resources associated with prior methods.

Both individuals take great pride in their contributions to the local economy, following in the footsteps of their parents, Amar and Ani Kapur, who are both members of the WBJ Hall of Fame.

CORRECTIONS: A previous version of this article listed Atech Turbine Components as a subsidiary of Aimtek; the corrected information is they are sister companies. Additionally, the two companies have a combined 80 employees, not 120 as stated in a previous version of the article. Lastly, the fact box originally omitted the location of Jay Kapur's residence, which is Worcester.

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